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In the spring of 2015, Teresa Jones – along with Kayla Ivory, Alzaiter Cash-Davis and Jasmine Booker - created a mentoring program for young girls at their alma mater high school, located in the Mississippi Delta. The four professionals are all graduates from South Delta High School (S.D.H.S.), and their vision was to create a program, with mentoring as its fundamental platform, to inspire a greater work ethic and provide an invaluable network of mentors for girls to connect with and develop their dreams. With the assistance of the school district and the high school counselor, they founded Rolling Fork, MS's first ever mentoring program for girls: G.A.L.S. - Girls, Achieving, Leading & Succeeding. Meet Teresa and the rest of the G.A.L.S. team here. Participate on the G.A.L.S. Forum and communicate with other G.A.L.S. members and Mentors here.


Our Mission

  • The G.A.L.S. mission is to cultivate, empower, and positively influence the academic, personal, and professional growth of young women in both high school and higher education institutions. 

What We Do

  • G.A.L.S. organizes college and university level visits for young mentees, spearhead programs and events throughout the community, and offers monthly ACT Prep workshops. 

High School Members

  • Prepare and guide students through the college application process as well as encouraging and assisting them to apply to available scholarship opportunities. 

  • Assist the students in the selection of and application to Ivy league fly in programs.

  • Organize college and career-oriented trips.  

Undergraduate Members

  • Assist members with internship applications. 

  • Connect members with professionals in career fields that correspond with their respective majors.


Who are Our Members?

  • Our cohort includes a range of girls who have earned some of the highest grade point averages in the school, as well as "at-risk" youth who have directly attributed their academic growth and success to their involvement in the G.A.L.S. program.



  • Youth participants in the G.A.L.S. currently has a 100% high school graduation rate.

  • G.A.L.S. members have a 100% college acceptance rate.

  • G.A.L.S. members were the first students in the state of Mississippi to be admitted into the Princeton University Summer Journalism Program.








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