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This year’s Y.E.T, which we will hold in the nation’s capital, will convene students primarily from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Texas, and Virginia.


Our weeklong venture will feature innovative youth workshops, general and breakout panels, mentor sessions, and prominent site tours. Key public and private sector leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, school district administers and higher education institutions will help us instill within the selected youth the necessary practical strategies, solutions, resources and tools through:

  • leadership-focused activities such as meeting with government representatives;

  • interactions with successful professionals in business, military, and medical sectors;

  • invaluable group, cultural exchange peer-to-peer, and one-on-one mentoring activities;

  • numerous historic sites such as the White House, National Mall/Monuments, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Pentagon and more;

  • Howard University, George Washington University, and Georgetown University visits as well as exposure to educational professionals; and

  • exposure to various aspects of American culture that otherwise aren’t normally available within underserved communities.


These invaluable experiences will, among other things, help:

  • cultivate youth leadership skills; 

  • enable youth to embrace a sense of empowerment, motivation, pride, purpose, passion and determination to excel;

  • promote the successful growth and development of youth into future leaders and positive contributors to society; and

  • transform their lives while having fun.

Keynote Speakers

Ty Pinkins

Retired Army Officer 

Former Communications Aide

to President Obama

Law Student

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