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Dear Parent:


On behalf of The Pyramid Project, LLC (“The Pyramid Project”), we are delighted, based on your child’s academic achievements, to invite your child to participate in our 2020 Youth Exposure Tour & Conference (“Program”). 


Please confirm your and your child's interest in participating in this exceptional opportunity before February 1, 2020, by taking each of the following steps:


This year’s program will feature innovative, unique youth development, leadership and mentoring activities that will help ensure youth from underserved communities have equal access to quality resources, mentors, guidance and multi-cultural exposure. 

 During our week-long Washington, D.C. venture and to promote the successful growth and development of youth into future leaders and positive contributors to society, your child will have an opportunity to:

  • participate in leadership-focused activities such as meeting with government representatives;

  • interact with successful professionals in business, military, and medical sectors;

  • engage in an invaluable group, cultural exchange peer-to-peer, and one-on-one mentoring activities;

  • journey to numerous historic sites such as the White House, National Mall/Monuments, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Pentagon and more;

  • visit Howard University and learn from educational professionals;

  • gain exposure to various aspects of American culture that otherwise aren’t normally available within underserved communities; and

  • embrace a sense of empowerment, motivation, pride, purpose, passion, and determination to excel while having fun.


The Pyramid Project Mentors, Chaperones, etc. (“Authorized TPP Representatives”) will closely monitor and have carefully structured, the activities in which your child will participate. The Pyramid Project mentors, with whom your child will be interacting, also have been thoroughly vetted through a government screening and background check. You may, of course, meet or chat with each mentor upon your request.


We expect this year’s Program, similar to our prior programs, will greatly benefit everyone involved. We certainly look forward to your child’s participation. Feel free to visit our site at to learn more about our programs and us. Please also do not hesitate to contact me at 301.684.8772 or if you have any questions.





Ty Pinkins

Molding Youth through Mentorship, Guidance & Experiences

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